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Basem Abu-karake
   This was purchased for my daughter who does not like any light when she goes to sleep. It replaced the many masks I got for her from the Dollar Tree (because those straps would eventually lose their elasticity). She loves this mask. It seems very durable and the straps are stable.
Ewelina Starzec
   I only wear Ecco dress shoes. True to size. Soles last forever. Comfortable for all day wear with lots of walking.
Rajan Sharma
   Loved reading about another culture.  The story of Satish, Claire and his sister was eye opening.  Can't wait to read more about all of the Jersey girls and the different characters that were in this book.  The writing was crisp and kept me involved in the story to the very end!
Francine Rémond
   Interesting show.
Yusuf Thepro
   Exact fit in my washer. Picture is exactly what you get. I would order two just in case your family doesn't listen when you tell them the washing machine is being WAY over loaded.

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